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Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford really are alive



Tbd-jeffgoldblum062909 As net junkies flooded the INtArWebz after the sudden death of Michael Jackson on Thursday, rumors that Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford both had died spread like a nasty rash across the globe, despite the fact that both celebs were very much alive. Wow, good thing new media is helping to replace thoughtful, well-researched journalism.

Various sites had reported unconfirmed rumors that Goldblum had fallen off Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand while shooting a new movie. Problem is, he was stateside at the time, and Kauri Cliffs is a golf resort, as far as we can tell. But Twitter and Facebook don't make these distinctions, you see.

"Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles," publicist Lisa Kasteler told E!.

Other reports circulated that Ford had died by falling off his yacht, when in fact, according to, he was filming Morning Glory in New York City -- which also stars Jeff Goldblum!

Also alive, as far as we know, are Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga and Danny Trejo. All three of them in the same movie would be a box office smash!

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:43am]


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