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Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chuck Norris are the worst actors since 1985


Using a super-secret formula and arcane scientific reasoning, Slate has crowned the worst actor and actress of the last 35 years. Would you believe it's Chuck Norris and Jennifer Love Hewitt? Yes, actually.

Norris appears to be a bad actor in bad movies on purpose -- "Appearing in one bad film is a mistake. Appearing in dozens of bad films is a deliberate choice." -- garnering an average score on's Tomatometer of 18.4 since 1985. You can blame movies like The Delta Force, Missing in Action and Top Dog for that, Slate says; you know, all the Chuck Norris movies we like in spite of ourselves.

Hewitt, meanwhile, has the dubious honor of never having had a Tomatometer rating above 60 percent. Both I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, both Garfield movies and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit are particularly grating, the site noted. That gives her an average score of 18.9. That must have explained her time on TV's The Ghost Whisperer. But then, that got canceled.

Slate puts the footnote in that if you take away the requirement that the actors had to have made at least 20 movies since 1985, then your winners are Eddie Griffin and Mena Suvari. That seems more appropriate to us, but we can't argue with their scientific methodology. Hollywood should make a movie starring all four of them, then release it on Dec. 21, 2012, proving those Mayan apocalypse adherents right once and for all.

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