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'Jersey Shore' cast poses for 'Village Voice' queer issue, but don't know it



Three of the self-proclaimed guidos from Jersey Shore are ticking off their 14th minute of fame, so they eagerly accepted an offer from the Village Voice to pose shirtless for their cover. The problem for Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was that no one told them it was for the Voice's "Queer Issue." Whoops.

"They didn't know," a source told the New York Post, noting the cover headline was for a story about "Jersey's shore on the down-low." How can that be miscontrued? "The paper's not saying the cover boys are gay, just that that they're hot."

At least Guadagnino doesn't seem bothered by it: “I do like four photoshoots a week, and every one of them is the same exact thing,” Vinny told “You do your make-up, then you take pictures, you get dressed, you take more pictures. Usually we take our shirts off, take more pictures. ... I don’t think the Village Voice Queer Issue is that big of a deal. Whatever. I just take the pictures, I trust MTV to send them wherever.”

It's touching that Vinny doesn't seemed all that worried about being labeled gay, but he doesn't sound so bright. We suppose if MTV told him to pose for Car Crash, 'Roidhead or Black Tar Addict magazines, he'd just whip off his shirt and ask where his mark was.

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