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Jesse James tells Nightline he knew he'd be caught cheating

Dirtbag cheating husband Jesse James reveals all on tonight's Nightline, saying he lied to wife Sandra Bullock about cheating and knew how it'd all end. Well duh, Captain Obvious. Any more nuggets of wisdom from the Good Ship Truthiness?

"When I was doing it, you know, one, I knew it was horrible, it made me feel horrible," he tells Vicki Mabrey. "And two, I knew I would get caught eventually, and I think I wanted to get caught."

He says Bullock "had her suspicions in the past, but, you know, I lied, and lied my way out of it. I lied to everyone about everything, even to myself." That lying obviously includes his apparent love of the Nazi army and trashy tattooed girls.

On the bright side, he said his and Sandy's adoption of son Louis was great and that Bullock took to motherhood immediately.

"She's like a fish to water. As soon as she put that baby in her hands, it was automatic and amazing," he said.

We're not buying it. You know what was amazing? That Sandra waited a couple weeks before moving out and filing for divorce. The only interviews James should be doing is with the social worker who will be determining custody rights.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:45am]


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