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Jessica Alba: 'Every actress is more beautiful than me'




tbd-jessicaalba2100710.jpgYou've got to hand it to Jessica Alba -- since she had baby Honor Marie, she's really pulled herself back together, even if it was just to star in Robert Rodriguez's grindhouse revival Machete. Although you wouldn't know it to hear her tell it, since she whines to British GQ that she isn't hot anymore. Sounds like someone needs a hug!

"My breasts are saggy, I've got cellulite, my hips are bigger... every actress out there is more beautiful than me," she complains. She then proceeds to wear all sorts of tight-fitting and revealing outfits for the mag (see the inset image), so it's obvious she's just fishing for compliments.
Mind you, this is also after she swore up and down she would never do a nude scene on film, going so far as to make Rodriguez shoot a shower scene in  Machete by digitally removing her undergarments in post-production, so she obviously has some body issues. You don't see Ewan McGregor or Kevin Bacon shying away from anything, do you?

[Photos: Getty Images, British GQ]


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