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Joe Francis allegedly punched, kicked Playboy PMOY Jayde Nicole



Tbd-jaydenicole083109 The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is currently searching for Girls Gone Wild founder and every father's living, breathing nightmare Joe Francis in connection to an alleged assault against 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole early Friday morning, RadarOnline reports.

Francis and Nicole were both at West Hollywood Club Guys and Dolls around 2:46 a.m. when Jayde says she threw her drink on the smut peddler because he was apparently harassing an ex-girlfriend, TMZ says. He apparently became enraged, grabbed her by the hair, punched her, threw her to the ground and kicked her, Radar says. A female friend of Nicole's tried to help, but Francis allegedly hit her, too.

Security had to break up the fracas, and Nicole's boyfriend Brody Jenner was seen yelling at Francis. Joe fled the club and is still AWOL. Radar says that Brody and Jayde had been at a party at a mansion earlier in the night and had been ignoring each other, as if that detail somehow matters, but it would explain why it took Jenner a few moments to come to his girlfriend's aid.

Brody further tells TMZ that he and Joe were kicked out of the club (what, no arrest right then and there?), but when Jenner tried to get back in to tend to his girlfriend, he was hit with a taser. This is after he says he punched Joe in the face outside.

We will update this item as more info becomes available, but we can already hear the Francis haters grab their pitchforks. We can only hope that jag is headed to prison if this ends up being true.

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