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John Cleese's girlfriend Barbie Orr isn't 27



Tbdbarbieorr012709 You've got to hand it to John Cleese, or any other 69-year-old Monty Python alum who manages to score a 27-year-old girlfriend. Except the Daily Mail claims that his girlfriend Barbie Orr isn't actually 27. And while a little age-fudging is acceptable for those entertainer types, the paper says she's really 45 (if she was born in January, anyway, which we can't seem to confirm)! That's more than a few birthday candles.

The American comedienne and actress (she was in a few Petco commercial with her dog Diva) gives her birthdate as 1981 on her Web site, but the Daily Mail says birth records they've obtained prove she was born in 1964. They also list her birth name as Kristine Reinhard. Orr then lashed out at these reports, saying that those pesky gossip hounds just plain make stuff up.

"Next week I will be 75!!!! OKAY now this is almost funny!! I never realized how many people read these papers and think the articles are REAL!!," Orr wrote on her site. "Don't you realize they make up stories for your enjoyment!! They elaborate and twist....and now there are more fake 'facts'!! Obviously my 'facts' were too boring for their entertainment and not much of a they keep making things up!! and some of you are actually believing them!!!  Tsk Tsk!!! You should NOT believe everything you read/hear (in this case perhaps ANYTHING you read!!)"

To be fair, The Juice* doesn't just make up things wholesale -- we leave that to the media outlets we get our items from.

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