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John Travolta sends aid to Haiti, but Gawker questions Scientology's involvement



Tbd-johntravolta012010 John Travolta announced over the weekend that he plans to give plenty to help earthquake victims in Haiti, but Gawker says his apparent goodwill is actually just a Scientology scam to further recruitment. We say it's a nice gesture, and Travolta will be fine as long as he doesn't use Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

"I have arranged for a plane to take down some volunteer ministers and some supplies and some medics," Travolta told Entertainment Tonight. "My church has also arranged for 80 medics and 33 volunteers to go down (this week). I hope that inspires others as well. It's needed."

Gawker, meanwhile, draws comparisons to this effort and the yellow-shirted "volunteer ministers" the church sent to Manhattan after Sept. 11. The site says these ministers provided what's called "purification rundowns," in which firefighters sat in saunas, worked out and took niacin and other vitamins, in addition to other services. 

Gawker says these services include "touch assists," in which a minister will touch a person in order to "get back in communication with their body," according to a Washington Post article; "locational assists," which involve volunteers identifying objects around the victims in order to ground them in the physical reality of their situation; and "nerve assists," which allegedly is a back massage designed to work out the "standing wave" of trauma victims feel. 

It's at this point we have to note Gawker has no proof that's what the volunteer ministers are doing in Haiti, but frankly, any help at this point is better than nothing. We'll keep an eye out for more on Travolta's mission of mercy as the week drags on.

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