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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' sister says don't watch premiere

Were you planning on watching the Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiere? Well, Kate Gosselin's sister-in-law Julie is sure hoping you don't because the show is a big, fat lie. Like we didn't know reality TV was made up.

Tbd-kategosselin052609 "When the show first started, Kate made a wishlist of things that she wanted, and that became the theme of each episode -- the carpet, twin's room, bunk beds, cow, hairplugs, teeth whitening, trips, etc.," Julie said on Gosselins Without Pity. "EVERYTHING that you see them do or buy is completely paid for out of the budget for the show or traded for free advertising. Kate went on and on about saving up for special days, you saw her paying for things, she talked about budgeting, etc. It is all for the appearance that they are a struggling family with 8 children. They needed to be relatable. They didn't pay for any of it."

Julie went on to say that TLC has an army of staff monitoring blogs about the show who then help concoct storylines to cater to those viewers. She named specific examples of how the show created those themes, including a lot of scenes of Kate cooking in order to promote her new cookbook.

The worst part, Julie says, is that the kids suffer the most, and the new allegations of Jon and Kate each having affairs will probably be part of these storylines. So please, don't take part in it.

"I made a personal decision long ago to do what I can to give those children the privacy and respect that they deserve. I refuse to watch and participate in something that I feel so strongly against," she wrote. "Please don't watch on Monday. You're not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn't real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K's 'relationship') for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more."

We'll have to wait and see how the numbers for tonight's premiere turn out, but really, you're just watching to see the inevitable divorce, aren't you?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:37am]


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