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Jon & Kate Plus 8 will end in November



Prayers do pay off: RadarOnline broke the news that Jon and Kate Plus 8 will officially end its run in mid-November. Just remember, dear Juice*heads, it pays to pursue your dreams (of getting awful, backbiting pseudocelebs off the air by scorning them).

The site says sources confirm that Jon and Kate Gosselin are out after daddy decided to punish his OCD wife by claiming TLC can't film if they don't have permission. There were plans to change the show to Kate Plus 8, but Jon's objections (and viewers' shockingly good change in taste) have that plan on hold indefinitely.

"They will eke out what they can in terms of more shows," a source told "Obviously they are not shooting anymore so they are taking what they have and seeing how many more episodes they can get out of it."

Is this the end of Jon and Kate on our page? Hardly; But like Paris Hilton, they will slowly fade from public view, rest assured.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:01am]


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