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Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be playing Batman in 'Justice League'




The amassed geekery of the world is waiting for Man of Steel to come out next year, but the big prize will be a planned Justice League movie tentatively slated for 2015. But who will play Batman? Well, not to spoil anything (you've been warned) but there's talk it may be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. See what DC may have done there?

Fans of The Dark Knight Rises know that at the end of the movie Joe is set up to take over the cowl from Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne, although his character John Blake isn't Dick Grayson or even Tim Drake. But that doesn't matter, because says he's already negotiating a deal to play Batman for realsies in the future Justice League pic. Maybe. says his reps deny it entirely, but you wouldn't expect them to just admit it, would you? That's what makes a rumor a rumor.

The site also says one other actor may be plucked from Christopher Nolan's trilogy, although they aren't saying who. There's also no word on whether Gordon-Levitt will be playing Batman or even Nightwing, which would make some sense in the grand scheme, but certainly wouldn't satisfy nerds looking for a true-blue Justice League story. Of course, if you've gotten this far into the item and can still follow along, we suggest you push up your glasses, take a deep breath and examine your priorities.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 4:10pm]


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