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Josh Duhamel kicked off plane for refusing to turn off his Blackberry




While you may be busy worrying about the TSA possibly violating your Fourth Amendment rights by forcing you to either pose naked in a microwave or feeling up your crotch, Josh Duhamel fought the law and the law won when he was a jerk and refused to turn off his Blackberry before a flight. That's right, we're backing up the TSA on this one.

TMZ reports Mr. Fergie was "very rude" and "taunting the attendant" on a flight from La Guardia to Kentucky on Thursday, refusing three separate requests by a flight attendant to turn off his infernal machine before takeoff. After laughing at the thrid and final request, the flight attendant had the plane turned around and had officers escort the actor off the already delayed flight.

Duhamel's rep said Josh had been texting about how his flight was delayed, and that "he's sorry" about the incident. Considering how annoying The Juice* finds louts obsessed with their Crackberries, we are for once grateful for the technological restrictions on airplanes. It's bad enough we have to be crammed into a center seat and breathe your foot odor for a couple hours, but listening to you yak or watching you text on a smartphone the whole time is just too much. Yes, the rules apply to you, too.

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[Last modified: Friday, December 3, 2010 2:51pm]


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