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Joshua Jackson checks on flame Katie Holmes



Katie Holmes was busily rehearsing her Broadway Titanic turn All My Sons this week when who should show up and try to rescue her from Tom Cruise but her old pal Joshua Jackson. Pacey and Joey forever!

Tbdholmesjackson091008 The Daily Mail says a report in Grazia magazine claimed Josh was worried about his old Dawson's Creek (and real-life) ex, so he decided to pay her a visit. Never mind that Grazia is an Italian magazine and the Daily Mail is a British newspaper and both Holmes and Jackson live in New York for the time being and this probably could happen any time, but whatever -- it lets us imagine how Katie could have been before the Batman Begins buzz died down.

"Katie has been looking skinny and depressed and, like any concerned friend, rather than do nothing Joshua wanted to check everything was okay," a source told the magazine. "They haven't spoken in a while and, naturally, he was worried. So he just decided to drop by. It was really sweet, he just turned up unexpectedly with a bunch of flowers and said: 'Hello stranger.' Katie was shocked, but so happy to see him. It was a wonderful surprise. She gave him such a big hug."

And then Tom Cruise turned away from his monitor and steepled his hands, furrowing his brow before announcing that the package must be delivered.

[Photo: 2001 seems so long ago. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:00am]


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