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Joss Whedon not too happy about planned 'Buffy' reboot



tbd-josswhedon112410.jpgThere are no doubt Juice*heads of a certain age who fawned through all seven seasons of the WB's and UPN's Buffy a decade or so ago, and all of them are furious at news that Warner Bros. wants to make another big-screen version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- but without TV series creator Joss Whedon, who made the 1992 movie a watchable series to begin with. The Juice* already hates all things remake, so you know which camp we're in.

The flick will officially be a "reboot" (the most overused term in Hollywood) and won't necessarily be based on Whedon's show or the Kristy Swanson movie, or have any of the same actors. You don't see the studio not making it, though.

"There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character's return to the big screen," producer Charles Roven said. "Details of the film are being kept under wraps, but I can say while this is not your high-school Buffy, she'll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be."

Whedon wasn't necessarily happy about the news, but what's he gonna do, sue?

"I don't love the idea of my creation in other hands, but I'm also well aware that many more hands than mine went into making that show what it was," he told E! in an email. "And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly."

No, he's not going to sue. But will anyone be remotely interested in yet another high-school cheerleader/vampire killer anymore? Hey, people keep buying tickets to Saw movies.

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