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Judge tells Lindsay Lohan plea bargain would involve jail time




Our obligatory update on Lindsay Lohan's grand theft court case brings a ray of justice, with a judge telling the actress she'll be going to jail if she cops a plea deal, no matter what. It looks like the low-cut blouse didn't help -- she shoulda worn that white minidress again.

"This case does involve jail time -- period," Judge Keith Schwartz told LiLo at her hearing on Wednesday, E! reports. "If you plead in front of me -- if this case resolves in front of me -- you are going to jail. Period. It may be an issue as to amount of time. There may be an issue as to the amount of time you go, of course … but if the case settles here, I don't want you under any apprehension. You will go to jail." That's probably not what she wanted to hear, but hey, she faces probation revocation anyway.

Lohan will have to decide whether to plead not guilty or try to cut a deal when she comes back March 10 for both her probation hearing and her theft charge. Prosecutor Danette Meters offered Lindsay a deal behind closed doors, but the terms weren't disclosed (although stretches as long as six months in jail have been rumored). Lohan didn't want it, telling TMZ, "I didn't steal" and declaring she wouldn't  accept a bargain involving jail time. She'd better hope she can prove she didn't swipe that $2,500 necklace if she goes to trial, because she could get a year in prison.

[Photo: Photos of Lindsay walking into the courthouse are a cottage industry these days. Getty Images]

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