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Kanye West blasts Taylor Swift, defends George W. Bush at show



Darn it, Kanye West -- just when we all started to like you again, you go and open your fool mouth and idiocy spills out over your diamond teeth. Can you believe this doofus ripped Taylor Swift and defended George W. Bush at the same concert? Yeah, we can too.

Kanye was giving a surprise performance at the Bowery ballroom in New York at 1 a.m. Wednesday when he decided to rant to the crowd about how awful a person Taylor is because -- and get this -- she never came to his defense after that VMA fiasco. Huhsaywha?

"I rode it, just as Taylor never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it," he said, complaining that she easily accepted the subsequent fame to further her career (watch video of it above). So wait, he's unhappy she didn't defend him after he ruined her award acceptance speech? That's almost as bad as, oh, Matt Lauer twisting the former president's words.

"If you look at the interview he said that was one of his lowest moments and he said it about 10 different things! But because (of) the popularity of me, they exploited that, to make you watch the interview and make you feel that he was stupider than ever, to think that a rapper’s comment could be his lowest moment," West ranted about Lauer. "That’s not what he f---ing said! ... That’s not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you the way they try to villainize, the way they tried to do that. Everything would have been okay, if they hadn’t played the audio that day. "

Wow, it's actually kind of nice to see old, crazy, self-aggrandizing Kanye is back. It'll give The Juice* lots to write about.

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 4:29pm]


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