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Karissa Shannon is in Heidi Montag sex tape




We all know that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are on The Juice*'s no-fly list, but now there's a development in their burgeoning sex-tape fight that makes it local. That's right, it looks like part of the footage Spencer is trying to sell includes some girl-on-girl action with Clearwater's own Karissa Shannon. Jeez, now we have to watch this one for a few days, huh?

TMZ says the Playboy Playmate and twin sister of Kristina is among the recordings Spencer is trying to sell to Vivid for something like $5 million as revenge for their pending divorce. While most of it is Speidi apparently re-enacting 9 1/2 Weeks, the site says he grabbed a camera and started rolling the same time Heidi and Karissa did.

For her part, Karissa confirms to TMZ the tape exists, but isn't sure Spencer has it (don't you lose your sex tapes all the time, too?). She did say she'll sue him if he tries to release it, however. We're pretty sure that means she'll want a cut of the action.

Of course, all of this is suspect because Speidi was just seen cavorting in Costa Rica together, so we may be walking right into another PR trap from two desperate, attention-starved fame whores looking for more media coverage. They're really pretty scary people, which is why they're on the banned list to begin with.

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