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Kate Beckinsale really is one 'Mean' mother



Kate Beckinsale is getting plenty of exposure these days, with interviews in magazines aplenty in advance of her upcoming flicks Winged Creatures, Whiteout and Nothing But the Truth, in which she plays a reporter who goes to jail to protect a source.

Tbdkatebeckinsale031708 But what strikes us as interesting (besides Kate's various states of undress in those photo shoots) comes from her statements about parenting in the latest copy of Mean.

"I don't understand how more people don't drop children out of windows," she says. "I remember turning up on the set of Pearl Harbor and all the boys had been to boot camp and I had a 14-month-old baby, and had been told that I had to be in the gym four hours a day.

"On top of the not sleeping and all this physical activity, the boys kept saying, 'Wow, it was so tough, you have no idea.' I remember thinking to myself, 'You went for five days, I haven't slept in 14 months. You want to go toe to toe?' "

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