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Kate Gosselin yaks about divorce, hating the media



Have you had enough of Jon & Kate Gosselin yet? Too bad, because she's the cover story of the latest issue of People, and guess what? She's sad about her divorce.

"I was operating under the belief that marriage is forever," she says. "So I exhausted myself trying to do everything and make everything be okay, when maybe it just couldn't."

Tbd-kategosselin062509 Isn't that what Jon & Kate Plus 8 was supposed to show in the first place? Too bad Kate wasn't paying attention.

"It was event after event after event where I came to realize: This is not the same person I married," Kate says the way her husband has been acting. "I remember just looking at him and thinking, 'I wouldn't choose to marry that exact person right now ... so why am I here?' "

Of course, anyone who's married knows that people often change, and you have to understand that. Kate was too busy calling People to tell them about the divorce right after she told the kids.But she's not all anger.

 "I don't hate Jon," she says. "He's lost, he's confused. I don't look at him 100 percent of the time with horrible anger and animosity."

Well gee, it's good she only hates him 98 percent of the time. And she still has time to hate the media, too.

"I walk into the grocery store, and my kids see the magazines, and they're like, 'Oh look! There's Daddy! And there's Daddy! And there's Mommy!' she says. "I do my motherly duty and turn them all around in the rack and I don't say anything except, 'Okay, it's all better now.' I don't have any words for it except, 'Get enough already and move on.' "

Hmm; but it's okay to have that camera crew following you around when you do it, huh? Yeah, we believe you've grown, Kate, really.

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