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Kate Upton's Zoo York commercial too much for MTV, Adult Swim




Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is turning heads again, this time by getting MTV and Turner-owned Cartoon Network to say no to her new Zoo York commercial. And all because of some foul-mouthed, talking cockroaches.

Zoo York's PR firm, Iconix, released a statement Wednesday saying both the erstwhile music channel and Cartoon's Adult Swim segment have refused to air the 30-second spot, because it contains "bleeped profanity" and Upton's "erect nipple. The commercial shows Upton stretching and running in a skintight jogging outfit as the skate brand's iconic wiseguy cucarachas trade sexual innuendo between scenes of two guys skateboarding and Upton bouncing across a playground. The uncensored, NSFW version is after the jump, so be careful when and where you click on it.

The canned quote Iconix offered from Kate was a bland, "This was such a funny commercial! Who knew cockroaches were so racy and hilarious? Definitely a must-see!" What she should have said is, "Hey, watch the uncensoted verion that features all the language you won't see on TV, and then watch it several more times to see if you can even find the erect nipple they're talking about. Go on, I dare you." We still can't find it, but MTV must have thought it was too inappropriate to air during their multiple shows about 16-year-olds getting knocked up time and again. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 5:24pm]


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