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Katie Holmes sent to Scientology boot camp



Tbdtomkat050108 It's Wednesday already, and what would a week be without some completely inane Katie Holmes story alleging that Tom Cruise is brainwashing her and keeping her locked in a pantry in the basement of his Switzerland manse?

Star says Katie recently "endured" a three-day retreat at Gold Base, some Scientology camp in Hernet, Calif. Actually, they call it a boot camp, but we've never been there, so we don't know. It doesn't sound like fun, though.

"It included various tests, confession sessions, tons of reading and physically challenging purification processes," a Scientology source tells the glossy. "Tom insists that auditing and purification practices are incredibly beneficial to Scientologists at all levels." 

Apaprently these auditing sessions are a routine thing for her these days, since she's going to be moving to New York for a spell to act on Broadway and needs to be chipped like a wayward cocker spaniel. The mag says some sessions have lasted 36 hours with hardly any sleep or food. It's like watching War of the Worlds, complete with a ridiculous ending!

[Photo: AP]

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