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Katy Perry and Russell Brand may have a failing marriage, or be looking forward to kids




It's been about a year since Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married, so it's time for the tabloids to gang up on them and swear their relationship is doomed. And look, the Daily Mail obliges, as always! It seems all that baby talk is for show, they say. Of course it is, because who'd want to have a baby with Russell Brand?

The newspaper claims that while Katy is talking about tykes in public, she's telling friends and family it's all but over. The biggest supporter, the Mail says, is California Dreams tour opener Tore Nissen: "Tore has been a shoulder to cry on for Katy," the omnipresent unnamed source said. "They get along well, so much so that his girlfriend became suspicious and joined him on the tour."

Wow, desperation pregnancies and seeking solace with another man in the same story? She was alone at the AMAs on Sunday ... The Daily Mail sure knows how to make up meaty gossip. If only we could get away with that kind of unsubstantiated stuff, like saying Tom Cruise was really a woman and that's why he's so short, or that Rebecca Romijn married Jerry O'Connell to settle ex-husband John Stamos' gambling debts. Our readership would be through the roof!

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[Last modified: Monday, November 21, 2011 5:15pm]


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