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Katy Perry, Russell Brand are just fine with getting divorced




It seemed like it would be a sad New Year's Eve for Katy Perry after Russell Brand filed for divorce on Friday, but it sounds like they're both doing just fine. Ending 14 months of marriage must have been their mutual resolution.

Perry was throwing down with friends in West Hollywood on Saturday night, even taking time to chat up some guy a source implies was hitting on her. "Katy was in a private room with a group and she seemed to be in a great mood. She spent most of the night dancing and laughing with friends," the source tells the New York Post. "One wouldn’t have ever even known that her husband had just filed for divorce. At one point, she was talking to a guy with long hair down to his shoulders in the hallway. They were talking for a while." Watch out for those boys with shoulder-length hair, Katy.

Brand, meanwhile, was in London with pals including Florence + the Machine's Florence Welch, and took time to note "I'm doing good. Everything is going to be better next year."

TMZ fills the rest of the gossip vacuum by saying the couple actually realized shortly after getting married that their relationship was doomed -- partly because Brand wanted to stay at home and raise babies while Perry wanted to party all the time, which is not a good match for a recovering addict like Russell. They gave it a try, though, and finally decided it wasn't working out. They're apparently willing to remain friends.

Interesting note: Katy wanted Russell to file the papers, since her evangelical Christian parents taught her that divorce is wrong. As if not being the one to file somehow absolved her of all that; She still has to sign the papers, anyway. Besides, isn't this the woman who got famous by singing about kissing girls and liking it?

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