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Kelly Osbourne falls out of bed, breaks her hand




Just when you thought you'd heard everything there was to hear in 2011, check this out: Kelly Osbourne admitted on Twitter over the weekend she broke her hand -- by falling out of bed. And if you believe that, you're one of those folks who think her dad Ozzy never did any drugs.

"i must be the most accident prone/stupid person it the world i fell out my bed while sleeping last night & fractured my hand in 3 places!" she wrote on Twitter via @MissKellyO on Sunday. "im staying in a hotel and the bed is so tall i must have dropped about 4 1/2 feet!"

Don't worry about her, however, because mom Sharon is on the case: "its my left hand & im left handed so my mum has to brush my hair & cut my food 4 me i feel like a baby again. of course my mum is loving it!" Yes, she's loving taking care of her grown daughter again, waiting hand and foot on a 27-year-old. And this is after she got a concussion in Miami last month. Maybe it's time to pull out the restraints, mum ...

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