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Kendra Wilkinson gets $680,000 (for starters) for sex tape

Tbd-kendrawilkinson052510 Want to know the secret to getting rich? It's not winning the $190 million Powerball jackpot -- it's selling old sex tapes to Vivid. Just ask Kendra Wilkinson, who's clearing $680,000 for sex tapes she's been swearing up and down she doesn't even want released! How will she ever get over it?

RadarOnline says the former Playboy Playmate secured the secret payment after ex-boyfriend Justin Frye sold recordings he made while he and Kendra were dating years ago. It seems Frye made as many as 20 tapes, with hours of footage showing Wilkinson doing the nasty with Frye, other guys and rolling around with at least one woman. And that means Kendra Exposed will have lots of lucrative sequels. That's the kind of life you lead when you take your clothes off for money.

Frye got $100,000 for the footage, which seems like a drop in the bucket considering all the videography he performed. He also is getting a percentage of sales, just like Kendra, though a much smaller portion. Typical.

Kendra and Justin dated for five years, since she was in high school up through her time as stripper. But Frye is now 28 and a married man, so all this sensationalism has to upset his new bride, right? Hey, who do you think suggested he sell the tapes? They plan on using the money to buy a home in Arizona. Kendra plans to put her cut on the giant pile of money she swims through like a naked Scrooge McDuck.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:45am]


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