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Kim Kardashian asked God to stop her breasts from growing




While we're talking about dumb things the Kardashian sisters do, Kim Kardashian revealed to PopEater that when she was younger, she pleaded with God to please quit making her breasts grow. She really had no idea what her career would be at 30, did she?

"Kourtney used to torture me and think I was odd because I had big boobs," she told the site while discussing the book she wrote with Kourtney and Khloe, Kardashian Konfidential. "I was 11 when I got my period and I started developing. I would sit in the bathtub, take a washcloth, put it under really hot water and put it against my boobs and pray to God, please don't make my boobs grow any bigger. And Kourtney would be like, 'Your boobs are so big and ugly!' She was so mean and then I would have to wear a bra and she would say, 'Who wears a bra? That's so disgusting.' It was so embarrassing."

So puberty was embarrassing (no doy), but riding a wave of infamy after starring in a terrible sex tape with Ray Jay, that was just fine. The joke's on Kourtney now, in any case. Really, we have no idea how this trio makes decisions about anything. Good thing they're so famous, huh?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 4:24pm]


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