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But "The King of Queens" goes nine seasons



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My roommate Danielle was devastated last night when she flipped over to NBC to watch her favorite new show, The Black Donnellys, only to discover the net's irritating new improv "comedy," Thank God You're Here.

Dani doesn't watch a lot of TV, so it was a rough new education on how network TV runs these days: If a show doesn't pull big ratings right off the back, you'll be lucky to see a dozen episodes air before it's yanked.

Donnellys only got six. Some shows get a second chance after a forced "hiatus," but not this crime drama about Irish-American brothers, which never grabbed viewers despite good reviews and a hot creator (Paul Haggis, writer of Crash, Flags of Our Fathers and Million Dollar Baby). The handful of remaining produced episodes of Donnellys will be available on the Web, but that's the end.

Meanwhile, I came across an interesting article at TubeWad about great shows canceled well before their time, including Sports Night, Firefly and Arrested Development. Peep the story here.

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