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Kirstie Alley sued for losing weight on 'Dancing With the Stars'




Former Fat Actress star Kirstie Alley has been sued by an irate dieter who is complaining Alley's QVC-friendly Organic Liaison weight-loss product didn't really help the star lose 100 pounds, as she has claimed. No, she says Kirstie really lost weight by appearing on Dancing With the Stars. Well, then go do some TV and a few movies, then get older and gain some weight but maintain a modicum of popularity and get on the show yourself.

Marina Abramyan, the plaintiff in the suit, says the show "tracked (Alley's) weight loss as a result of hours and hours of dancing every day for several months," all the way up until Kirstie was down to a size 6, E! reports. She says the weight loss wasn't from the dietary supplements Alley sells, but rather the "result of an above average exercise regimen and extremely low calorie diet." How dare she!

Abramyan says she followed the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program to the letter and "did not experience any of the benefits Defendants advertised." She wants the supplement's ad campaign yanked and seeks unspecified damages. She should be seeking a job installing fences or replacing shingles in the middle of July. She'll be sure to lose some weight then.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 3:46pm]


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