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'A Knight's Tale in the works; Sharon Stone hospitalized; Arnold Schwarzenegger comes clean




-- Sharon Stone was hospitalized for a migraine at Milan's fashion week on Friday, but recovered and was able to keep attending events, Reuters reports. Big deal, you say. Well, just remember she suffered an aneurysm in 2001, so it was kind of a scare. Yeah, you feel pretty bad now, don't you?

-- says ABC is developing a project based on Heath Ledger's 2001 feature A Knight's Tale, a fun-loving movie full of deliberate anachronisms about a peasant who pretends to be a knight to woo a princess. It's one of Mrs. Juice*'s favorites, so it'll be worth a look even if it keeps reminding us of Heath, but it's being put together by Battlestar Galactica mastermind Ron Moore, so it may end up intense, depressing and unmissable anyway.

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals in his new memoir Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story that despite having suspected for quite awhile, Maria Shriver used a marriage counseling session the day they couple left the governor's mansion to confront him about that son he had with the housekeeper. He confessed it was true; Needless to say, the rest o the session didn't go very well.

[Photo: Sharon Stone shows she's just fine by hanging all over Kenneth Cole at the amFAR charity gala Saturday night in Milan. You'd never know she just got out of the hospital. Getty Images]

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