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Lady Gaga almost collapses during NZ concert



Lady Gaga is getting pretty worn out from her Monster Ball Tour, since word has finally comes across the telegraph via Morse code saying that she practically collapsed from heat exhaustion during a concert Saturday in Auckland, New Zealand. What does she expect? She looks like she weighs 95 pounds soaking wet and that show is 2 1/2 hours long.

Gaga was shimmying across the stage for her final song -- Bad Romance, a light-hearted ditty you may have heard on indie stations once or twice -- when she appeared exhausted and disoriented. She sat down a couple times and eventually stretched out on her back, letting her backing vocals take over before dragging herself to her feet to shamble through the last couple verses.

"(She is) totally fine. It was warm at the show, she was tired and bit dehydrated by the end of a two-hour-plus performance," tourspokesman Michael Coppel told DigitalSpy. "She performed the second Auckland show the following night without an issue and will be back in full match fitness for her first Australian show."

The show has 16 costume changes and involves just a little bit of dancing, singing and screaming. The tour is heading to Japan and Europe before heading back to North America (where she postponed two shows from exhaustion previously) and closing up shop in September, totaling more than 100 shows in less than 10 months, People notes. But how did people even notice this? If you've ever seen her videos, you might think this was just part of the show.

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