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Lady Gaga asks Senate to repeal don't ask, don't tell



Lady Gaga escalated her criticism of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy in a pointed YouTube message Friday directed at the Senate in general and John McCain in particular, calling the directive unconstitutional and asking for its repeal. She wasn't even wearing any latex or chrome.

"I am here to be voice of my generation, not the generation of the senators who are voting, but the youth of this country," she said in the black and white video, in which she is wearing a jacket and tie and is seated in front of an American flag. "The generation that is affected by this law and whose children will be affected. We are not asking you to agree with or approve the moral implications of homosexuality, we’re asking you to do your job: To protect the constitution."

She noted that more than 14,000 service members have been discharged for coming out while in uniform, including 400 under President Obama's administration alone. The policy is being enforced improperly, terrorizing committed troops for their sexuality, she said.

"Ultimately, the law is being enforced using gay profiling, and gay soldiers have become targets," she said. She then makes a big show of making a phone call Sen. Chuck Schumer to complain, but no one answered and a voice mailbox was full. Watch the 7 1/2-minute video above.

Yeah, we know the comments section will fill up with vitriol about "Who cares what she thinks?" and "She's a no-talent attention hound" and so forth. But hey, at least we never hear about how she spends her millions on pedicures for her dog or a ninth European mansion.

[Last modified: Friday, September 17, 2010 2:45pm]


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