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Lady Gaga may be posing as male model Jo Calderone



In the latest gender-bending question of mass confusion to surround Lady Gaga, rumor has it she's been posing as a male model for a Japanese fashion mag. Not that anyone can prove it definitively, of course. That's sure to dispel all that hermaphrodite gossip, ain't it? shared photos of model "Jo Calderone" from's Vogue Hommes Japan photoshoot. More than a few bloggers have noted that Jo looks an awful lot like Stefani Germanotta, and we've got to say, we tried our best to compare the two and have to agree.

Not that it really matters. Gaga's only goal in life is to get people talking about her, so if this is true she's succeeded once again. It's a lot more harmless than her flipping off fans at a New York Mets game. Let us know if you think this is her or not in the comments below.

[Photos: via TwitPic and Getty Images]

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:46am]


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