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Lady Gaga threatens to sue breast milk ice cream makers




Now that's she's done wearing meat dresses everywhere, Lady Gaga has turned to threatening to sue the London ice cream parlor that used her name to sell ice cream made from breast milk. Maybe if they'd cut her in on the deal, she wouldn't be so upset.

Gaga's attorneys sent specialty shop The Icecreamists a letter asking them to stop calling their ice cream Baby Gaga, saying it's "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing," PopEater reports. Funny, you could say the same about the singer, too. "The references you are making to Lady Gaga are thus clearly deliberate and intended to take advantage of her reputation and good will. Associating the Lady Gaga mark with a food product which may be unsafe for human consumption (owing to the risk of it carrying such viruses as hepatitis) is also highly detrimental," the letter to owner Matt O'Connor read.

O'Connor responded by saying the flavor is no longer for sale anyway, since food inspectors confiscated the lot of it just hours after it went on sale a couple of weeks ago. He said he's waiting for approval from the health department, but she shouldn't think she has the market cornered on the name. The Icecreamists have registered to trademark the name, in any event, but it seems pretty gutsy to try to sue over a name that was taken from Queen's 1984 ditty Radio Ga Ga by the singer herself.

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