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Lady Gaga's bodyguards mandhandle fan, do their jobs



The Interwebs is flipping out because a YouTube video shows Lady Gaga's bodyguards beating down a fan who was seeking her autograph while she was on tour in Romania on Thursday. In case you wondered, rushing at a pop star quickly while pointing unidentified objects at her will get some burly guy's knee on your neck.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail says Nicolas Constantinou from Cyprus recorded the footage on his cellphone, because he was recording Gaga leaving a hotel in Bucharest before a concert there (watch it above). The unidentified fan streaks toward her from a revolving door but is caught by both her bodyguards, who slam him into the door. One continues to pin the guy to the ground while the second bodyguard continues to escort Gaga out of the building.

Some people online think this is a classic example of a celebrity's entourage going too far. The Juice* thinks it's a classic example of some idiot not thinking clearly and getting pounded on, but let go once it's apparent there's no threat. You don't see the bodyguards tackling the guy taking the cellphone footage, do you? That's because he was calmly standing to the side and taking video in a public place, not running at Gaga full speed while pulling out an Xacti and shouting. Bodyguards tend to be sensitive about things like that.


[Last modified: Friday, August 17, 2012 2:42pm]


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