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Lenny Kravitz not shackin' with A-Rod's wife

Tbdalexrodriguez070408 Despite reports saying otherwise, Lenny Kravitz has denied any involvment with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia. That's what you get for listening to Perez Hilton and not The Juice*.

"There is absolutely no affair between Cynthia Rodriguez and myself," Kravitz told Us magazine. "This is unequivocally 100% not true.

"Cynthia is a friend and is here with the godfather of her baby, who is also Alex's trainer, his wife and their baby girl," he adds. "She came here to escape from everything happening in New York City. I opened my home to her as a friend and I find it extremely hurtful that I am now being referred to as an adulterer."

She ran off with the kids and Alex's trainer? That sounds juicier than previous rumors that they ran off to his Paris home as lovers.

The New York Daily News is also reporting that Cynthia and A-Rod have split after three months of marital woes, which may have had something to do with Us magazine's revelation that the slugger has been shacking up with Madonna. This sounds like some sort of gossip Mad Lib. Up next: Britney Spears marries Tom Cruise after Katie Holmes leaves him for Michael Jordan.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:51am]


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