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Leona Helmsley's rich dog hides out in Florida



Tbdtrouble120407_2 As you try to scrape together enough money to buy gifts for your kids and keep the lights on, remember the inspirational tale of Trouble, Leona Helmsley's millionaire dog. You remember Trouble -- she got $12-million in a trust after the hotel queen kicked earlier this year.

Well, Trouble has been getting so many death threats, she's had to high-tail it to the Sarasota area, the New York Post reports. The Maltese had been staying in a 28-room Connecticut estate after her owner's death, but about two months ago she was brought to the Sunshine State on a private jet (with a security detail) after getting two dozen threats of being dog-napped or killed for her money.

"We had problems keeping her identity confidential, and we had to change her name even to take her on the aircraft," said John Codey, the Helmsley exec in charge of Trouble's trust fund. "We called her 'Bauble' instead of Trouble." Now we know their secret.

Not disgusted enough? Even though the pooch's cash will go into a charitable trust when it finally turns up its toes, its annual care -- including security, medical care, grooming and food prepared by freakin' chefs -- totals about $300,000 a year. Remember that when Johnny asks for a new Xbox 360.

[Photo: AP]

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