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Linda Hogan swears she doesn't drive fast



A bizarre press release found its way into The Juice* inbox, saying that Linda Hogan's "driving record sheds new light on recent speeding ticket" and tries to distance her from comments she made in a 2004 drifting video about loving to speed. Wow, thanks for bringing that back up -- we almost forgot about that.

Tbdlindahogan101308 It seems that the speeding ticket is her first in more than 16 years, which, according to the wise PR reps she's hired, demonstrates that she had nothing to do with her son Nick's accident last year. The release goes so far as to say the "incident happened while solely under Hulk Hogan's care" and that Linda "was in California and had been for weeks before and at the time of the tragic accident."

So, she got a speeding ticket. So what? The Juice* collects those things like they're baseball cards. Maybe she should stop sending out pointless notes that say she didn't know a thing about what her son had been up to. Read the full text of the release below:

Linda Hogan's Driving Record Sheds New Light On Recent Speeding Ticket.

Linda Hogan relented to an on the spot request at a 2004 car show to do a plug for a street racing video. She has been ridiculed in the public as a street racing proponent after her son Nick was in a tragic accident with John Graziano. That incident happened while solely under Hulk Hogan's care.  Linda Hogan clearly has no familiarity with this kind of activity as her recent speeding ticket is her first (including any accidents) in over 16 years. Current depositions in her divorce case have revealed husband Hulk Hogan had first hand knowledge of son Nick's speeding infractions, Hulk purposely withheld them from her knowingly she would have come down hard on Nick. This never allowed her to take swift and appropriate action to keep her son and others safe. Linda Hogan was in California and had been for weeks before and at the time of the tragic accident.

Linda is making preparations for Nick's transition back into public life. Linda and Nick will be focusing on working through the aftermath from the tragic accident.

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