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Lindsay Lohan asks Ryan Seacrest for reality show




Here's a concept that should send chills downyour spine: Lindsay Lohan reality show. Yep, that's the latest concept she's trying to cook up. Oh, don't roll your eyes; I have two Madonna-related items today, so apparently we're catching up on our worn-out blonds this week.

Lohan took the opportunity to beg Ryan Seacrest for a show in between doing shots at Kim Kardashian's wedding a couple weeks ago, Star says. "Lindsay was working just as hard as she was partying,” a source says. "She was pressing Ryan hard to dream up a reality show concept for her. Lindsay sees how Ryan turned Kim into an A-list star, and she wants him to do the same thing for her." Did she learn nothing from Living Lohan?

Ryan's response was apparently to "roll his eyes and giggle," but don't feel bad for Lindsay. Lately she's been busy taking shoplifitng classes and working on her community service sentence for stealing that necklace. A source tells RadarOnline she has a full 45 of her 360 hours completed, and has to schedule 100 hours at the L.A. County morgue. That's where she'll learn her career isn't the only thing that's dead.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 3:35pm]


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