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Lindsay Lohan fires attorney, then doesn't, and rejects a plea deal




Lindsay Lohan isn't in jail yet, but it's only because her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley stepped up to the plate to appear at a hearing for the actress in Santa Monica a day after she got a letter from LiLo firing her. No, this won't be at all confusing to explain.

TMZ's story of the day say Holley pleaded not guilty on Tuesday for Lohan in California, where she faces charges including giving false statements to cops after crashing a Porsche into a semi. While Holley was on her way to the courthouse on Monday, she got a letter from attorney Mark Heller, who is representing LiLo in her alleged nightclub assault in New York, saying Holley's services would no longer be needed and that he would be representing the actress.

That's troubling for Holley, no doubt, because Lindsay still owes her $300,000 in legal fees for repeatedly keeping the little hellraiser out of the pokey on numerous occasions. Lindsay tried this once before, you'll remember, but ended up hiring Holley back ASAP. She may have to, because Heller, who has his own checkered past, isn't licensed to practice law in California.

"Lindsay owes Shawn over $300k in legal fees and she hasn't made any payments to her in over six months," a source told RadarOnline. "Lindsay hadn't paid anything for any of the work Shawn has done on her three new criminal charges of lying to cops, in connection with her car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Shawn has kept Lindsay out of jail for over five years now and she has no idea how good she has had it. Shawn is extremely respected by judges and prosecutors and that has benefited Lindsay greatly. Lindsay’s new criminal attorney, Mark Heller, isn't even based in Los Angeles and certainly doesn’t have the revered reputation that Shawn does."

Lindsay later denied sending the letter, despite having signed it, and may just be responding to the fact that if Holley hadn't been in court on Tuesday, the judge would have likely issued a bench warrent for LiLo for not providing a plea. Now Lohan must appear in L.A. for a Jan. 30 hearing or face the consequences. In L.A. terms, that probably means she'll have her feeling hurt by the judge for a whole five minutes!

To make matters worse, TMZ says that during the Monday hearing, prosecutors were prepared to offer a plea deal dumping jail time if Lindsay agreed to go to a "lockdown" rehab and not come out for six months. Lindsay apparently refused the deal, so now we think we know what all the fighting was about. We'll know by the end of the month what happens, at any rate. If Holley isn't there, prepare to say goodbye to Lindsay for a good, long while. Like a whole week or something.

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