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Lindsay Lohan gave mom Dina $40,000 to pay for house




Making a run at the Hogan tribe for most classless clan in gossip news, let's take a peek into the inner workings of Lindsay Lohan's family, which is so dysfuntional it makes the Hogans look like the first family. TMZ was nice enough to post audio of a phone conversation Lindsay had with dad Michael during that fight on Long Island, in which she admits to giving mom Dina $40,000 to pay her mortgage and says Dina is on cocaine. Gee, wonder who gave the site that tape?

"Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck, and s---," Lindsay tells Michael in the call, apparently after her original call to Florida, following Michael's call to Nassau County, N.Y., police. Lindsay is whipped into a frenzy, alternating deriding her father for not paying child support and then turning back on her mother. She also tells Michael she gave her mother the 40 grand and says Dina "put a gash" on her leg and broke her diamond bracelet.

"This is what you do. You ruin people," she tells Michael, before saying, "She said disgusting things to me. ... She just said I'm dead to her, I'm dead to her now." The coup de grace came when LiLo tells dad, "She's like the f---ing devil right now."

TMZ looked into the $40,000 issue, finding out that not only did Lindsay give her mother money to keep her home from going into foreclosure previously, she also gave her mom 40 large after Dina fell behind on payments again. The site further says Dina keeps pumping her wayward daughter for cash, including getting her to help pay for her younger brother's tution.

So while it's fashionable to rip on Lindsay for her constant screwups and indifferent attitude, listening to the phone call (which you can find here) paints the picture of a poor young woman who hates both her parents but is blindly devoted to both. If you stop and do a little soul-searching, it's a poignant snapshot of an actress doomed from the start. The drugs and booze and partying and constant mistakes make sense. Where would she have learned to act any differently, with these two as her parents?

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