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Lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face for her 24th birthday

Tbd-lindsaylohan070510 Lindsay Lohan tried really hard to have a happy birthday on Thursday, but it looks like a waitress -- nay, a hero for the masses -- ruined her night by punching the now-24-year-old actress in the face. We'd be upset for Lindsay, but there are rumors she's making it all up anyway, so let's get down to the main event.

"A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason," LiLo said via Twitter around 1 a.m. Pacific time Friday morning. That would be a waitress at L.A. Club Voyeur, a place The Juice* will never go. But was it true? Yes, a witness tells Us.

"The waitress has a history with Doug Reinhardt, and Lohan was hanging out with him. She was jealous, and out of nowhere, the waitress punched her in the face!" the source says. "Doug didn't want any part of it and went to the other side of the booth. Lohan ran out."

By ran out, that means she went to the nearby Rockstar House, Us says. But her tormentor stalked her down.

"Lohan showed up and cried because the waitress was there as well," another source says. "Some birthday."

Well, the idea of some angry plebe smacking party girl Lohan in the kisser for hanging out with a failed baseball player turned Hills actor makes for a pretty good birthday for us.

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