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Lindsay Lohan led off in handcuffs for violating probation




rsz_tbd-lindsaylohanb102011.jpgLindsay Lohan was led away from an L.A. courtroom in handcuffs Wednesday after Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked her probation for repeatedly violating the terms of her punishment. Did LiLo not think getting kicked out of the community service program would cause her problems?

Sautner set bail at $100,000, the maximum amount, saying "there has been violation after violation," the AP reports. Lohan immediately posted bail, because some sites are reporting she already brought a bail bondsman with her. That's thinking ahead.

The judge did note that she was allowed to a probation violation hearing, so that was set for Nov. 2. And as we know, LiLo is a master of using probation hearing to keep herself out of the lockup, although she's already been in and out four times. "If jail meant something in the state of California now, maybe I'd put her in jail," Sautner said.

As part of her probation from a 2007 DUI and the necklace theft case earlier this year, LiLo was ordered in April to work 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center for homeless women. Nine of the appointments were "just blown off" and she "showed up once and left after an hour," Sautner noted. Maybe she had to apply more makeup; girl was looking like an insane chimney sweep on Wednesday. Halloween's not for a couple more weeks, hon.

Lohan was reassigned by the county's probation department to the Red Cross after complaining the Women's Center was "not fulfilling," TMZ says. That's right, helping homeless women was not fulfilling. Sautner, who was not happy with the department's decision, has since reassigned her to the L.A. County Morgue to clean up blood and guts for at least 16 hours before her hearing. Tasty.

The probation department had given her a good progress report, too, saying she hadn't violated the terms of her service by not going to scheduled appointments. Isn't that the definition of violated? We'll find out what happens next month, which means nothing's going to happen to her. She's been in jail so many times, she probably brings her own orange jumpsuit to court.

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