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Lindsay Lohan may really be charged with assault


It seems like we're writing this every week, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan may be headed back to to the clink. That's because the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has apparently found enough evidence to charge her in an alleged assault at the Standard Hotel. You know, the one she denied having any part in. That's what surveillance video and witnesses will do to you.

"There is enough compelling evidence to charge Lindsay with assault as investigators have three very solid and credible witnesses, including the alleged victim," a source told RadarOnline. Lohan hasn't made herself availabe for interviews by the cops, but the alleged victim's account is holding plenty of water. Good thing she isn't suing Lindsay.

"My client, Marisa Dugas just wants Lindsay Lohan to publicly apologize to her for the assault, and be held responsible for her actions," attorney Mark Haushalter said. "I can definitively tell you that Marisa has absolutely no plans to sue Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay should be treated just like everyone else and not get any special treatment because she is a celebrity. Lindsay Lohan needs to stop lying about where she really was that night and grow up."

Why the silence on the accusations? Pretty simple, really: "Her advisers just don't think it's in Lindsay's best interest to be interviewed regarding this investigation," the source said. "Lindsay remains on informal probation for her necklace theft case, and if she is charged, it's extremely likely that she will be sent back to jail." But given the L.A. justice system, that would only be for what? Maybe 12 hours, at the most?

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[Last modified: Friday, May 4, 2012 2:36pm]


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