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Lindsay Lohan is praised at probation hearing for doing her job




Lindsay Lohan had another probation hearing on Wednesday, but surprise of surprises, the news is actually good! See what happens when you do as you're told, Linds?

L.A. Judge Stephanie Sautner was all smiles and sunshine, telling Lohan she had so far met requirements of her community service and therapy sessions, so her probation could end as early as February, the L.A. Times reports. That's right, she'll be loose on the streets in no time. That's because LiLo had gone to five therapy sessions instead of just the required four, and served her necessary 12 days of time at the county morgue, just as prescribed.

"Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work," Sautner told the 25-year-old. "You are doing well and I would like to see it continue. The morgue seems pleased as a morgue can be."

Sautner said she has until Jan. 17 to go to four more therapy meetings and another 12 days of morgue duty. Then she's due back in court for another progress report. The judge did deny a request by attorney Shawn Chapman Holley to let her client skip the next hearing, however.

"If I say yes, then she will not complete everything," Sautner said. "I'm just saying." Sautner did continue to allow her to travel for family visits, however.

Meanwhile, Lilo is reportedly persona non grata over at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she blew off a Tuesday taping to talk about her Playboy pictorial without letting anyone know. That's why you won't be seeing anything about freckles and Marilyn Monroe impressions on Ellen's show today.

Lindsay apparently was unable to leave her Hawaii vacation, where she was celebrating her sister's birthday, which is understandable -- it's not like any of us would willfully choose to leave Hawaii. Meanwhile, the whole pictorial has leaked online, so get to Googling if you care. You surely don't want to pay a print product for its content, do you?

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[Last modified: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 4:28pm]


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