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Lindsay Lohan skips New York court hearing, but escapes unharmed




We spent all weekend with bated breath waiting to see if Lindsay Lohan got thrown in the clink for violating probation at a hearing in New York for her alleged nightclub assault, but she didn't even bother to show up. But that's okay, because prosecuters are the ones who delayed the hearing. Good thing she didn't rush back from London for anything.

Lohan was facing charges of third degree misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching Palm Beach woman Tiffany Mitchell in a club fracas in November. The prosecution, however, said in court Monday morning that "the investigation into this case is continuing," according to TMZ. Her lawyer, Mark Heller, said Lindsay had no reason to appear and it was his "opinion that this case will ultimately be declined for prosecution, but it will be several weeks before the district attorney makes that decision." He also was sure to add "all she did was verbally request her privacy," CNN reports.

We will still have to wait and see what happens with the false statement charge in that summer car accident in California. The legal system is firing a lot of buckshot her way, so she's sure to catch something sometime this year.

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