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Lindsay Lohan is supposedly out of rehab now. Or not.




You knew this day had to come: Lindsay Lohan has checked out of the Betty Ford Clinic. As a wise man once said, hide your wife, hide kids and hide your husbands, because she drinkin' up e'rybody out here.

RadarOnline said the 24-year-old quietly checked out of the facility in Rancho Mirage, Calif., on Monday after 90 days. That was still a contentious report, however, since TMZ claimed she had been planning to stay until the weekend despite being cleared to leave.

As of this writing, we can't tell you whether she's actually on the loose or not, and we're not going back to check. We suggest you don't, either, because that's way out in California. It's not like they invented some magical flying machine that could transport her to a town near you in a matter of hours. threatening you and the ones you love with a wagon-falling rampage of binge-drinking and credit-card spending. What do you think this is, the future?

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[Last modified: Monday, January 3, 2011 4:13pm]


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