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Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with cops again




We are contractually obligated by the Gossip Writers Association of America (acronym: GWAA?) to provide at least one Lindsay Lohan item per week, so yeah, here we go. Apparently she's a suspect in two different cases, both of which may involve lying to police officers. Well yeah, lying is what she does for a living. Duh.

Lohan was initially accused by some Hollywood Hills rich guy named Sam Magid as the culprit in the disappearance of $100,000 worth of watches, sunglasses and monogrammed silverware last week, TMZ reports, but Magid recanted his story for some reason. Who cares, cops say, because we've got other witnesses who back that story up. Lindsay and her partner in crime assistant Gavin Doyle are refusing to cooperate with police, although she's allegedly been telling friends the suspect should really be Andrew Knight, son of former music mogul Suge Knight.

Magid said Monday Knight and another man said LiLo gave them two or three of the stolen items, and they returned them to Magid. TMZ says the police are still focusing on Lindsay, though.

It doesn't help she's wanted by Santa Monica detectives for potentially lying to police about a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last June. Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley already has told the police there would be no cooperation on that front.

Both of these incidents could be potential parole violations for Lohan, who is still working off that necklace theft from awhile back. You've got to kind of wonder, short of firing a pistol wildly into a crowd, what does Lindsay have to do to get put away? She's got more Get Out Of Jail Free cards than a stacked Monopoly deck.

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