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Lindsay Lohan won't be charged with theft, kicked out of hotel




Time to double down on Lindsay Lohan coverage this week, because we all know by now she's the one who keeps the lights on now. Besides, Hollywood has lookalike Emma Stone to do all her roles for her. Anyway, she's not going to be charged with stealing $100,000 worth of loot from some guy's house, but she is banned from her home away from home, Chateau Marmont. What a confusing day!

First, cops say there wasn't enough evidence to charge her with taking Sam Magid's stuff, including watches and sunglasses, so that's pretty much dea, TMZ says. The cops say there was evidence for $6,400 worth of things that included "$3,000 in cash, four pairs of sunglasses, an iPod and keys to two cars and a house." But Magid isn't pressing charges or identifying her as the thief anymore, so whatever. She could kill someone in broad daylight and get away with it at this point.

Meanwhile, Chateau Marmont kicked her out of her crack den because she had a $46,350 bill, the site reports. She swears producers of her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick were going to pay for it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. She says she'll pay for it if Lifetime does it. But if she could pay for it, she wouldn't be starring in Lifetime movies, now, would she?

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