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Looking to get rich? Hire Matt Damon



Tbddamon080707 Want to know who the best bargains in Hollywood are? Check out Forbes’ new ranking of movie stars with the best box-office return on salary, which names Matt Damon as the safest bet in La-La Land.

According to the magazine’s calculations, Damon has earned $29 in gross income for every $1 in salary he was paid for his last three roles, more than twice that of Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise (thanks, Jason Bourne).

Jennifer Aniston was the top-ranked actress, topping out at No. 5 on the list with a gross income return of $17. In between her and Damon is ex-husband Brad Pitt, who got $24 for every dollar of his salary. The mag says Jen’s ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn got third with $21, the same as moneymaker Johnny Depp.

“The biggest stars in Hollywood are not the actors that deliver the biggest returns,” said Michael Ozanian, Forbes senior editor. Top dog (in terms of salary) Hanks scored $12, Cruise garnered $11 and Will Smith managed only $10 for every buck he was paid.

Comedians did far worse, with Adam Sandler only getting $9, and Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell only bringing in $8.

But at the bottom of the heap was Russell Crowe, whose last three flicks — A Good Year, Cinderella Man and Master and Commander — fared so poorly he only earned a measly $5 for studios per dollar earned. Russ should be praying for Ridley Scott to resurrect Maximus.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:18am]


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