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Lou Pearlman really likes boy bands



Tbdloupearlman100307 Jailed boy-band mastermind Lou Pearlman really had a thing for his talent — and we mean that in every possible context.

“I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator,” Vanity Fair quotes Steve Mooney, Pearlman’s assistant. “All the talent knew what Lou’s game was.”

Mooney, once an aspiring singer himself, said he once asked “Big Poppa” what it would take to make it big (in showbiz, you pervs): “He leaned back in his chair, in his white terry cloth robe and white underwear, and spread his legs. And then he said, and these were his exact words, ‘You’re a smart boy. Figure it out.’ ” Gag.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Stone, a one-time Backstreet Boy, says one target was Nick Carter, with whom Lou was “definitely inappropriate.” Nick’s mom Jane wouldn’t confirm, but did say, “I tried to expose him (Pearlman) for what he was years ago.” Sounds like he was busy exposing himself.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:22am]


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